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Our Features

Our platforms come with many features. We have listed a few of our out of the box features here. Our development team are here to help you with any custom features you have in mind.


You are in control of look & feel of your publication. From toolbar and button color,logo and background image to navigation and active features.

Rich Media

Add Video (.MP4/YouTube/Vimeo), Audio (MP3), Images, HTML pages, Text as embedded within the page or as cute pop-up.

Link Tools

Add interactions to your publication by linking your text, images, or products to your site; Add navigation within your publication and even email links


Would you like to show a list of archive of your past editions? We've got you covered! It's super easy: Just one click!


Your YuPub digital publication is real! It feels real! Simply add bookmarks to your publication like a paper document

Sticky Notes

Would you like to add a sticky note to a page that you are reading? Sticky notes comes a default feature.

Share with Friends

Share your contect with friends via email, facebook, text message, whatsapp and hundreds of social media websites


We are proud to announce that our YuPub platform is based fully on pure HTML5 and uses have identical experience across all devices.

Compatible with all Devices

Your Digital publication can be viewed across all devices: desktop computers,touch screens, laptops, iPhones, iPads, Android phone and tablets, etc.

Print Capability

You have the ability to print the entire publication, a page range, and also you can simply print in spread format.

Robust Search

Our Solution is backed by a sophisticated search engine indexer. All your embedded text is indexed and that makes your publication fully searchable.

Language Translations

Users are able to translate the content of your digital publication to over 50 languages using our translation feature which utilizes powerful Google translate platform

Shopping Experience

Let shoppers buy directly from your Digital Catalog without going back and forth to your ecommerce website. Add to cart and checkout right from within the eCatalog.

Free IOS/Android app

Simply download YuPUB reader app from app store and read every single digital publication which is created by YuPUB platform with available archive.

Access Control

Would you like to secure or make your digital publication secure?! With YuPUB, it's easy! With a few simple click you can define different access control policies.

Multilingual User Interface

YuPUB Web viewer interface can be shown in Multi Language. We have multiple pre-define lanuages which you can easily pick from at publishing time.

Global Reach

Our servers are all back by sophistaced content delivery network and no matter where you are in the world you will be able to read and view without any latency.

Tracking & Analytics

Track and capture analytics about every single interation including locations, page views, link/advertiser clicks, prints, download, share, etc..

Batch Processing

Do you have a batch of newspapers, magazines, or documents which you would like to be processed all at the same time?! YuPUB got you covered.


You can not only automate publishing process but also you can simply activate your publication at a certain date/time that you would like.

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