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We are proud to be the only digital publishing platform to provide services to address all your requirements. From simple conversion of PDF to flipbook to Shoppable online Catalog and monetizing your digital magazine, we are here to help. We are glad to have the capability of providing you with any solutions you desire.

Transform PDF To Flipbook

Easily transform your PDF contnet to an interactive feature loaded digital publication which has both the look and feel of a real paper publication. Your readers and viewers are able to simply use the flipbook on any device, anywhere, at anytime with flipping page effect. Forms, dynamic content, animations, videos, audios, etc. can be simply added to your content.

Our flipbook platform converts any PDF, regardless of its size, to interactive digital publication. There is no need to download any type of software or app to create or view the flipbook. We proudly announce that we have the most sophisticated and feature loaded flipping book solution with amazing customer support in the entire world.





Your content on mobile Apps

Would you like to deliver your content, either it's a magazine, newspaper, brochure, catalag, annual report, etc with your own branded app through Google Play store or Apple app store?

The YuPUB app is your best option. Not only it gives your reader the most user friendly, easy to use, feature loaded tool to read and access your content but you also have full control on what and when user could view/read along with being able to provide content with video, audio, form, shopping capabilities, library, archive, search option, etc.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about YuPUB app and start owning your branded mobile app.

content on mobile
Shopping Cart Integration

Do you have Catalog, or Lookbook? Give user the ability to shop while browsing your eCatalog without leaving it! Increase your sale more than 3X by using our in-Catlaog shopping experience. With a simple tap, user views product information, add it to cart, and checkout. All within the digital Catlaog! No Back and forth! Bingo!

We integrate your shopping cart with our solution using a simple but sophisticated API (Application Programming Interface). User will see real time data, they can truly experience in-Catalog purchase on any device, anywhere, at anytime.

in Catalog purchase and Shopping experience


Monetize Digital Publication

Would you like to control access to your digital publication?
Do you want to sell your digital publication, either it's a monthly magazine, or daily newspaper?! Are you planning to provide a subscription solution to your reader?!

YuPUP Subscription and user management system is our unique and user friendly platform to do these all. From securing your digital flipbook, password protected content to selling your digital publication, defining as many as subscription policies you would like and more importantly with unlimited susbcribers, lots of payment processing integration option YuPUB platform is your best tool.

Our team setup a unique account for you, although the system is very easy to use but we will teach you to use the platform, and utilize the way that works for you the best. Unlimited subscribers with no commission on your sells, and no hidden fees.

Customized solutions

Sky is the limit! If you have a new feature that you would like to have or would like to customize our solution based on your requirements, we are here for you to help. We are confident that we have the best brains and experts on YuPub team to provide you what you need and is best and efficient way for your business.

Although our platform is feature loaded and is riched with so many features and add=ons as our R&D team continuesly looking to provide what businesses need but you can always feel free to contact us if you think you need a feature or you would like our platform to be customized in order to be utilized in your organization. We will be glad to hear from you with any questions, envisioned feature and customization need.

customized solution